‘My Best Hours’: An interview for Ocsplora

Heather Ebert Medium Interview

I often read interviews in which writers share their creative insights and daily routines, but recently I had the honor of being asked to share my own. In an interview for OCSPLORA, I delved into my journey from the corporate slog to freelance writing. OCSPLORA: The Creative Revolutionary’s Handbook is an online publication produced by […]

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The Writer’s Integrity Belt

The other day medieval chastity belts came to mind–not sure whether they were fact or fiction–but the concept inspired me as something writers could adapt for their own purposes. Not to stay chaste, but to keep from constantly getting up to attend to urgent but less important tasks–the ones that all come to mind when […]

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Hello, page fright

The fact that any blog finally launches, however feebly, after several years of pondering it and putting it off, is a testament that even the most deep-seated resistance can be overcome. But, oh, the crazy-making in the process! An empty blog, theme freshly uploaded, is just as frightening as any blank page or canvas. It […]

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