‘My Best Hours’: An interview for Ocsplora

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Ocsplora2I often read interviews in which writers share their creative insights and daily routines, but recently I had the honor of being asked to share my own. In an interview for OCSPLORA, I delved into my journey from the corporate slog to freelance writing. OCSPLORA: The Creative Revolutionary’s Handbook is an online publication produced by Nate Green that features stories on creativity, adventure and generosity.

“The corporate job I had back then was so soul-crushing that I was finally willing to give up a healthy paycheck to be free. So, I juggled that full-time job, a live-in job, and freelance projects for nearly a year to get out of debt, and then I let go of the corporate position in April 2011. Not a day goes by that I’m not deeply grateful for the freedom I have to live and work the way I do now.”

Read the full interview here.

In his intro to the interview Nate calls me a “very prolific tweeter,” and I must say I’m glad to be known as prolific in something. Many thanks to Nate for the opportunity to share my experiences with his tribe.

Nate sends out regular updates called OCSPLORA Signals, and you can subscribe to those weekly emails here.

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