Client Testimonials

  • Sometimes life has to get really, really uncomfortable before we are willing and motivated to make lasting change. Debt has to become an unbearable weight before we alter our spending habits. Corporate life has to become so soul-crushingly miserable that we are willing to give up the regular paycheck. The pressure of not acting on […]

    Dare to live differently

  • Today marks the end of my first month in Paris, and it’s hard to believe a third of the sojourn is behind me. On Monday I’ll change apartments to an entirely different part of the city. These past few weeks I’ve been on Rue de Bizerte in Paris’ 17th arrondissement near the Batignolles neighborhood. My […]

    Life at Rue de Bizerte

  • At the start of 2014, I drafted a series of ambitious goals, the SMART kind, which involve specific, measurable steps with corresponding deadlines. A few weeks later, I crunched numbers to find that two of my goals weren’t financially worth the effort, and letting them go was a welcome relief. Even if those projects had […]

    Three months to live … differently

  • –Walt Whitman, from “Song of the Open Road” Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel

    From this hour I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines.

  • In September of 1992, I landed in Douai, France, a teenage adventurer off to spend a year of high school as a foreign exchange student–a year that profoundly influenced my character, my perspective, and my ability to stay put for any length of time. In the two decades since that pivotal experience, I’ve visited some […]

    ‘Paris is always a good idea.’

  • What happens when three writer/editors go to Sunday brunch? We feast, we gossip, we take pictures of typos. West End Cafe in Nashville updated their menu not too long ago, and–besides removing my favorite omelet–neglected a good proofreading. The result is quite comical, as you can see in the collage below. Typos aside, West End […]

    And the winner of Most Typo-Riddled Menu in Nashville is ….

  • I often read interviews in which writers share their creative insights and daily routines, but recently I had the honor of being asked to share my own. In an interview for OCSPLORA, I delved into my journey from the corporate slog to freelance writing. OCSPLORA: The Creative Revolutionary’s Handbook is an online publication produced by […]

    ‘My Best Hours’: An interview for Ocsplora