That obsessive desire to clean up every typo…

Not long ago I read a book by a major national author published by Thomas Nelson riddled with egregious typos. Quotes were missing quotation marks. The plural of company was spelled “company’s.” Hemingway’s name was misspelled. Twice, in the same paragraph. And many more. As much as I loved the content the messiness irked me to no end.

I do a lot of proofreading and copy editing for work, which helps me channel my Monica Geller–obsessive need to clean up messy copy.

Do you remember the Friends episode “The One With the Dirty Girl,” in which Rebecca Romijn played Cheryl, Ross’ love interest with the nastiest apartment in Manhattan? At the end of this clip, Monica is me. Instead of wielding a bucket I come brandishing the proverbial red pen (now known as Word’s tracked changes).