Since childhood, I’ve loved to read—if I didn’t have a book at breakfast, I’d read the back of a cereal box. It’s no surprise that I became an expert in narrative writing. I've collaborated with numerous people on page-turner memoirs. As they shared their tragedies and triumphs, we traced the arc of their personal transformation from darkness into light.

Spiritual alchemy is turning our lead into gold. We’re here to become the person we were meant to be. As the author of our lives, we get to decide how the story goes.

Above all, I’m a storyteller


Years ago, I created my first book deal by putting my desire out into the universe. In the past few years, I’ve doubled my income and my square footage, as well as received tens of thousands in unexpected money.

The challenge to manifesting miracles is overcoming the doubts and resistance that arise. We have to evolve into a higher version of ourselves. The magic flows once we neutralize our shadow self and live from our inherent greatness

It's taken me more than a decade to turn my own lead into gold. I had to overcome persistent limiting beliefs of being not good enough to create a successful career that features 10 books and stints writing for Google and Facebook. I’ve overcome years of trauma-induced alcohol use disorder to embrace a joyful sobriety marked by daily gratitude. Most significantly, I’ve overcome the debilitating effects of a psychiatric disorder that has haunted me since adolescence. 

My life wouldn't be possible if I hadn't overcome years of self-sabotage, but I don't regret the journey. As Michael Singer says, the highest spiritual path is unconditional happiness. When I look back on everything I’ve experienced, I can say with conviction that all is grace.

I’m proudest not of what I’ve achieved,
but what I’ve overcome


“The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” 
— Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

In 2016, I sensed a calling to question everything I’d ever been taught about spirituality, the divine, and the nature of reality. Though I’d spent my life in a particular religious tradition, I already disbelieved numerous dogmas and interpretations. This departure, however, was much more profound.

So, I set out on a quest that has led me away from shame and judgment into an expansive spirituality. My worldview centers on oneness and interconnectedness in a cosmos of infinite dimensions and possibilities. The essence of every human being is pure love and light, and we’re here to awaken to our true nature.

While I’ve been claircognizant and clairvoyant since I was young, I didn’t know how to tap into my intuition at will. A sense of knowing—from trivial matters to dire situations—would simply appear when it appeared.

In recent years, I’ve come to understand that these senses aren’t unique. They’re inherent in everyone and meant to guide us toward our soul’s calling in service to the highest good of the world.

If I hadn’t undertaken my spiritual quest, I wouldn’t have connected with this higher intelligence available to anyone willing to release all they think they know. 

Every hero's journey starts with a call
into the unknown


“The grand quest which calls to the hero in every one of us is to become fully alive—to stand up and claim our birthright, which is inner freedom, love, and radiant purpose.” — Jacob Nordby

My great loves are books, CATS,
and quiet solitude


When I was 15, I moved to France to spend my junior year as an exchange student, a foreshadowing of what would be an unconventional life. I've never married nor had children—with no regrets about either. My travels over the years have taken me to numerous countries on every continent save for Antarctica.

After 20 years of living without pets, I have two sweet kitties named after my favorite fictional romantic characters, Mr. Darcy and Lizzy Bennet. We live in Franklin, Tennessee, about 20 minutes south of Nashville, where my family has lived since 1993. 

I'm a social introvert (I prefer intimate gatherings) and a thinking introvert (I reside largely in my imagination). But I love public speaking to audiences of any size! I have an insatiable appetite for learning—whether from books, online courses, or mentorship.

And I lack just enough humility to share the funnest things my friends have said about me over the years: Heather is a “badass,” “psychic internet,” “Swiss Army Knife of skills,” and my personal favorite, “my coauthor creator genius unimaginably beautiful incredibly talented goddess of literary everything.”

“I can say with sincerity that I love cats; furthermore I am going to give very good reasons why those who hate them are wrong.” — Emily Brontë