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Before becoming an independent writer seven years ago, I spent nearly fifteen years in marketing communications and print and digital publishing. Thanks to vast personal and professional experience, I’m adept at writing on a variety of topics. I’ve worked with corporate, nonprofit, and publishing clients on a broad spectrum of projects, a selection of which are showcased below.

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Books and Magazines

The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD) contracted me to provide editorial services on a book called Munich ’72 and Beyond to accompany their moving documentary. The film and subsequent book recount the tragic story of how eleven Israeli Olympians lost their lives to a terrorist attack at the 1972 Munich Summer Games and how their families have fought tirelessly for justice and recognition.

In 2014, more than forty years after the massacre, the Bavarian government, the International Olympic Committee, and GSD partnered to create a large, interactive memorial near the site where the Israeli athletes died. The memorial officially opened on September 6, 2017, and the book was released in spring 2018.

Holly K. Dunn LLC

Holly K. Dunn, the only known survivor of serial killer Angel Maturino Resendiz, hired me to write her memoir of the horrific attack.

Just as she was starting her junior year of college, Holly and her boyfriend were attacked while walking along railroad tracks. After her boyfriend was murdered, Holly was stabbed, raped, and beaten nearly to death. Their assailant remained at large for two years before police realized he was a serial killer connected to many more murders in several states. Holly’s memoir recounts how she survived the vicious assault, endured a long journey of healing, and ultimately found meaning and purpose through service to victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes.

Holly’s book, Sole Survivor: The inspiring true story of coming face to face with the infamous Railroad Killer, was published by Diversion Books on November 7, 2017.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a similar project, learn more here or email me for sample chapters.

“The writing was fabulous—easy to read and told the story so true and real. Heather brought so much creativity, expertise, and sensibility to the process, and she demonstrated compassion for me and all my loved ones with every word she wrote. She was my beacon of light for this book writing journey, and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

— Holly K. Dunn, author, speaker, advocate


“The manuscript turned out beautifully—the narrative arc is strong, developed, and complete unto itself. We’re so thrilled to be working with you on this fantastic, important project, and are so excited to release it into the world.”
— Lia Ottaviano, acquisitions editor, Diversion Books

Dunham BooksDunham Books, a publisher that was based in Franklin, Tennessee, commissioned me to write a 75,000-word book on behalf of a local personality. This collaborative memoir was a fascinating project and a long-awaited opportunity to write book-length creative nonfiction.

I’ve also worked with other clients to scope narratives, create chapter outlines, and write sample chapters for book proposals.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a similar project, learn more here or email me for sample chapters.

“Heather Ebert is one of the most creative and gifted writers I have worked with in my 40 years as a publisher. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her on several client book projects.”

— David Dunham, publisher, Dunham Books

Epiphany Creative Services is a private branding and marketing agency based in Nashville, Tennessee, dedicated to promoting authors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small-business owners nationwide.

Epiphany offers independent authors a specialized publishing experience to give authors a product that looks like something right out of a New York publishing house. I’ve worked with Epiphany to edit and proof author manuscripts prior to print.

GSP_logoGresham, Smith & Partners is a global architecture firm headquartered in Nashville. Every year, the firm releases its Showcase publication, featuring a collection of internally submitted and externally judged built and unbuilt projects. I have written several feature stories about fascinating projects around the world, including the University of North Florida Interfaith Chapel, Tampa International Airport’s Main Terminal Interior Modernization, Shanghai Pudong International Airport South Satellite Concourse Design, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Welcome Center, the Rashid Hospital Medical Center Campus Master Plan in Dubai, 20/20 Research’s New Headquarters Renovation, Cancer Specialists of North Florida’s Outpatient Treatment Facility, Crooked Creek Wastewater Reclamation FacilityHCA’s StoneSprings Hospital Center, and National Planning Corp.’s Office Renovation.

“When working on our annual Showcase project, Heather showed immediate initiative, professionalism and respect for the material, something that isn’t always easy for a freelance writer to do. It was apparent from the beginning that she cared about exploring the details and the larger story, and the results showed in her work. I consider her a crucial member of our Showcase team and would recommend her to anyone. We could not have hit our marks without her.”

— Chip Jordan, marketing communications manager, GS&P

M Music & Musicians magazineRegina Spektor in MM Music & Musicians is a nationally distributed publication that covers musicians and the music industry. For several years I’ve been copy editor (i.e., resident AP Style expert) and production manager for the magazine, reviewing all copy prior to layout and then ensuring error-free layouts prior to print. I’ve also contributed content, such as this story on Regina Spektor.

“Heather Ebert is a creative force whose talent is reflected in every page of M Music & Musicians. Her attention to detail is impressive, yet she never loses sight of the big picture. Heather’s a top-notch professional who faces every challenge armed with solutions that get the job done.”

— Rick Taylor, editor, M Music & Musicians

Collegiate Summer 2014Collegiate is a Christian magazine for college students and young adults produced by Threads Media. For the Fall 2013 issue, I wrote a feature article called The Justice Generation on the call to fight human trafficking.

I’ve also written department shorts on various topics like Top 10 Ways to Spend Your Summer, Recommended Devotionals, Give Water: Give Life, Calling or Passion?, Be Smart Stay Safe, Pay It Forward, and Do Justice Now. Shorts for the Summer 2014 farewell issue included How to Be an Entrepreneur, The Agape Love of God, Practice Healthy Habits, and Do Good: Summer Service.

“In the fast-paced editorial environment, publishing professionals long to work alongside writers and editors like Heather Ebert. Not only is her attention to detail uncanny, but she never misses a deadline, and her high quality of work is truly set apart. Heather has contributed multiple feature articles and columns that speak to a wide array of readers for our resources at LifeWay. She comes highly recommended from our publishing team.”

— Adam York, editor, LifeWay  

Spry LivingSpry Living is a health and wellness publication that provides tips for women on skin care, diet, beauty, fitness and more. For their “My First Time” series, I wrote about my adventure in aerial yoga. (It’s not as hard as it looks!) I’m also passionate about natural approaches to health and well-being. One winter I contributed wisdom on the benefits of bright light therapy for the winter blues.
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Video Scripts and Research

Sidewinder Films, a subsidiary of the Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD), is a film production company that furthers GSD’s mission to support initiatives that promote fair play, education, and the physical and developmental benefits of sports.

After partnering with the team on the book that accompanied their documentary Munich ’72 and Beyond, Sidewinder’s producers hired me to conduct the preliminary research for their next sports-related documentary.


In 2015, Google UK launched The Digital Garage, an online video library of free courses that cover everything from search engine marketing to social media in order to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their careers using digital tools. I was part of a small team tasked with taking highly technical scripts and rewriting them into more user friendly dialogue for the actors who presented the material on video.

Old Abolition International LogoAbolition International (now Hope for Justice) is a Nashville-based nonprofit focused on advocacy and aftercare for victims of sex trafficking worldwide. I’ve helped Abolition craft SereyClothcompelling content to illustrate the essential, life-giving restoration that aftercare programs provide for rescued women and children, including voice-over narratives for short story videos. In 2012, I traveled with Abolition and a film crew to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where local actresses re-enacted hope-filled stories of restoration through aftercare. There’s nothing more fulfilling than creative collaboration for the greater good. Watch Serey’s Story here and Maly’s Story here.

“Heather Ebert’s beautiful use of language and articulate choice of words for difficult subjects has been an incredible service to our organization. Her writing skills have been invaluable in communicating the tragedy of human trafficking while still inspiring people to have an impact for good in this world.”

— Sarah Hale, director of marketing and communications, Abolition International

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Agencies and Nonprofits

Golden Spiral Marketinggslogogray is a Nashville-based agency that creates marketing experiences centered on compelling brand narratives. As a copywriter in the agency’s Village of specialists, I create messaging for client projects like new websites for Cowan Benefit Services and XOEye Technologies.

“Heather is an intelligent, courageous, thoughtful and determined writer. She carries that while also managing to be a delightful person, which makes her a joy to work with. We can call on her with confidence that she will represent our agency well, our clients will have an enjoyable experience, and the job will be carried out with excellence.”

— John Farkas, CEO, Golden Spiral Marketing

The Pursuant GroupThe Pursuant Group is a full-service nonprofit fundraising consulting firm in Dallas, Texas. For several years I served as a remote extension of Pursuant’s marketing department, writing and editing press releases, executive bios, brochures, case studies, white papers and client spotlight articles for the company newsletter.

“I am proud to have Heather Ebert as a go-to writing resource for our marketing team. Her raw talent allows her to bring years of writing experience, journalistic instinct, and a unique understanding of the nonprofit industry to each article that few others can communicate with such commanding power. She is, and always will be, a true value to our team.”

— Cassandra Bennett, VP of marketing, Pursuant Group

End Slavery TennesseeEnd Slavery Tennessee is a local anti-trafficking agency whose mission is to create a slave-free Tennessee and holistically restore survivors of human trafficking. In an effort to educate communities statewide that sex trafficking does in fact happen right here in Tennessee, I wrote up a number of news stories for the group’s website.

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