Ghostwriting and book collaboration

Hiring a coauthor or ghostwriter is valuable for those who have a compelling story, unique ideas, or expertise in a particular topic but don’t have the time, energy, or ability to write a book on their own.

More than just arrange words eloquently on a page, I can help you discover, refine, and express a story that will entertain, educate, and inspire your intended audiences.

I love helping people tell their stories with power and beauty.

I have a degree in English with emphasis on creative writing from Vanderbilt University, and I’m a member of the Authors Guild. During the past few years, I have written four commissioned books including personal memoirs and historical nonfiction based on a documentary film. I have also written several book proposals for additional clients, including detailed, plot-focused chapter outlines and sample chapters.

As a professional ghostwriter, I have a proven track record of fleshing out other people’s stories and ideas, receiving critiques and requests for revisions, and working with editors to ready the manuscript for publication. I aim to offer the best of my abilities while keeping my own ego out of the process.

Personal Memoir

Personal Memoir or Autobiography

True-life accounts of courageous people overcoming challenges to achieve their goals and dreams are some of the most inspiring books to read — and to write. I’ve crafted narratives about an immigrant fighting oppression and poverty to become a renowned surgeon, a college student struggling to heal after a violent assault, and a pioneering woman breaking gender barriers to corporate success.

The best memoirs read like novels, so I work with you to define your personal character arc, identify the compelling plot points of your life, and craft a cohesive, engrossing narrative around universal story principles.

During the collaboration process, I become something of a story midwife. Authors end up entrusting to me their deepest thoughts and feelings and often find the process to be revelatory and therapeutic. Though I hold no official credentials, my toolkit includes a wide-ranging knowledge of psychology, including dynamic personality typing that reveals the underlying motivations behind a person’s behaviors, emotions, and responses.

After our collaboration, you will know yourself and your own story even better than before, and you will have a manuscript that hooks readers and keeps them captivated to the end.

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General Nonfiction

General or Prescriptive Nonfiction

Whether you’re a business executive, an industry thought leader, or a professional with sage advice to improve people’s lives, a book can serve a number of useful purposes. Beyond imparting your wisdom to readers, a published book increases your authority and clout in your industry or area of expertise.

I can help you distill your knowledge and ideas into one central theme and message. We will determine what you most want your readers to feel, think, and do. We will also research similar books on the market to ensure you stand out as a unique and essential addition to the field.

We will develop a detailed chapter outline and hold regular interviews to download your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. As the resident expert, you will supply the bulk of relevant research, though I’m happy to conduct supplemental and supporting research as needed. I also fact-check extensively and footnote any original sources.

After our collaboration, you will have a well-organized, clear, and engaging manuscript that showcases your expertise and unique voice.

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Book Proposals

Book Proposals and Story Development

If you have an agent or intend to find one and have them pitch your book to publishers, then you’ll need a book proposal.

For most nonfiction books, publishers are more interested in how marketable you and your book are than just how well it’s written. A book proposal makes the business case for your book and functions as a sales tool for your agent.

Book proposals run between 30-50 pages and typically include:

  • Title page and table of contents
  • Overview, including a short summary and synopsis of the story or subject matter
  • Author bio, credentials, past publications, speaking engagements, and social media platform
  • Comparable titles, a list of books that might be found on the same bookstore shelf or Amazon page as the book being pitched
  • Target market, including niche audiences and subsets of the population most likely to buy the book
  • Marketing and publicity plan that details the author’s ideas and intentions for promoting the book
  • Endorsements of the book in advance by well-known public figures or other experts in the book’s genre
  • Chapter outline that details the full scope of the book’s intended content
  • Sample chapters to demonstrate writing skill, tone, and style
Story development

Beyond crafting the sales pitch and marketing plan, a significant amount of time goes into developing the actual details of your manuscript.

We’ll establish:

  • Intended audiences
  • Overall goal, message, and genre
  • Narrative arc and major plot points for memoir
  • Central idea and content progression for nonfiction
  • Detailed chapter outline
  • First one to three sample chapters

Once the book proposal is complete, your agent takes over the process, querying publishers in hopes of finding the book a proper home.

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If you’re interested in collaborating on a book project, you can email me for sample chapters. For other examples of past writing work, visit my portfolio.

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