Author Sally Lloyd-Jones on storytelling

Sally Lloyd-Jones next children’s book comes out March 11.

In my last post I mentioned frequently reading interviews with writers who share their creative insights and daily work process. The International Arts Movement recently featured author Sally Lloyd-Jones in an interview on her creative process and insights. Below are a few of my favorite nuggets.

“For me it is key to keep things playful, so part of that is riding my bike, exploring, listening to playlists I can write to that put me in the right atmosphere in my head, tricking myself into believing I’m not working and sitting in coffee shops.”


“I experienced life first of all as an adventure and a story. When I’m in that place of wonder, my work becomes worship and I know it’s better and cleverer than I am.”


“I don’t try and give messages to children. That would make me a lecturer. My job is to tell stories, to get out of the way and let the story through, and to do that the best way I know how.”

You can read the full interview here. You can also follow Sally Lloyd-Jones on Twitter.