Dare to live differently

John Lennon Quote

Sometimes life has to get really, really uncomfortable before we are willing and motivated to make lasting change.

Debt has to become an unbearable weight before we alter our spending habits. Corporate life has to become so soul-crushingly miserable that we are willing to give up the regular paycheck. The pressure of not acting on a creative impulse has to become a bigger burden than actually sitting down and facing the unknown.

I finally started renovating my life when I became too uncomfortable not to change.

One key moment came a few years ago while reading an old journal from 2001. The moans of discontent in that old journal centered on the same issues I was still moaning about to friends and in journals all these years later. Did I want to wake up in another 10 years and still be moaning about those same issues?

Something had to give. Something about my way of living had to change. I’ve made too many decisions driven by a need for security, financial pressures, or simply whatever I felt like doing at the moment, rather than based on any long-term vision or deep understanding of what would ultimately be fulfilling.

I live very differently from how I lived 10 years ago, and each season brings new ideas, new discomforts, new change. Honoring the impulse to be free, facing my deepest fears, and living out of my truest self have become the essence of this fresh pursuit. This blog is my story, snippets and snapshots of the continuing journey.