Thank you for being here! My name is Heather.

I’m a writer …

Just in case I haven’t made that totally obvious yet. My primary focus is ghostwriting or coauthoring manuscripts and book proposals. I studied creative writing at Vanderbilt University, and I’m a member of the Authors Guild. You can find examples of my professional work here, and you can read about my transition into freelance life here.

Being a writer is more than a profession, it’s about becoming the person I was wired to be. I endeavor to grow in my creative expression and bravely embrace projects outside my current wheelhouse, so the boundaries of said wheelhouse can expand. I find great joy in both the process and the results of collaborating with people to tell their stories with power and beauty.

I’m a world traveler …

My adopted hometown is Nashville, Tennessee, though I’ve also lived in San Francisco, Berkeley, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. Ever since I lived abroad as a teenager, I’ve had nearly incurable wanderlust. When I’m not bounding around the U.S., I may be concocting an international adventure like volunteering in Greece or Uganda, creating video stories in Cambodia, painting murals in Belgium, or spending a few months in France, just because I can.

I speak French with more or less fluency. I have an affinity for people from the British Commonwealth and their accents, which I occasionally imitate (even, or especially, when I’m talking to myself) — only I end up sounding Cockney or like someone from South Carolina. I’ve traveled as far as Australia, and New Zealand currently tops my list of next destinations. (Lord of the Rings tour, anyone?)

I’m pursuing a freer life …

My pursuit of a more creative life is essentially about freedom — choosing to step out of the rushing rapids modern life subjects us to. It takes a measure of bravery to resist the status quo. Some of my deviance from “normal” isn’t by choice, but many aspects I’ve sought ardently. I believe, like many others, that freedom is the new American dream. But my sense of freedom has grown more existential than deciding how to spend my best hours. It’s also about becoming unshackled from the unreasonable and merciless expectations I’ve had of myself for too many years.

78% of people think “personal freedom” is the new American Dream.

And while this website might look gregarious, don’t be fooled. I’m a staunch introvert who works from home so much that I’ve taken to ironing my pajamas. I love meeting kindred spirits, so if any of this quirk resonates with you, please feel free to email me or connect on Twitter.